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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back on Sunday, March 27/2011 I mentioned about there being a website where you can order your pioneer clothing from, and its cheap.
Here is the website link!!! (I will also post it on the side of the site):

Let me know if you have any problems :) !!

Faith in Every Footstep; Volume 2, February 2011

Message from the Stake YM Presidency
     From July 27th to the 30th the Youth of the Saint John New Brunswick Stake and the Bangor Maine Stake will have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before them. Though the world we live in today is very different from the world the handcart pioneers lived in, the challenges we face are just as perilous.
     Elder Oaks explained in a conference talk back in 1997 that, “Many of our challenges are different from those faced by former pioneers but perhaps just as dangerous and surely as significant to our own salvation and the salvation of those who follow us. For example, as for life-threatening obstacles, the wolves that prowled around pioneer settlements were no more dangerous to their children than the drug dealers or pornographers who threaten our children. Similarly, the early pioneers' physical hunger posed no greater threat to their well-being than the spiritual hunger experienced by many in our day. The children of earlier pioneers were required to do incredibly hard physical work to survive their environment. That was no greater challenge than many of our young people now face from the absence of hard work, which results in spiritually corrosive challenges to discipline, responsibility, and self-worth. Jesus taught: "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell"
     The Handcart trek this summer will give our youth the opportunity to see how it was faith that sustained the pioneers as they walked across the plains. They will also discover that it is this same faith, Faith in God and in his Son Jesus Christ, Faith in the Words of The Lord found in the scriptures, and Faith in the council of the Living prophets; that will give them the strength to face the spiritually life threatening obstacles that they face almost every day.
     Brothers and Sisters, let us do all we can to motivate our youth to participate in this once in a lifetime event. The blessings we will see in their lives will greatly outweigh any amount of effort we make to get them ready to participate.
Clothing & Footwear Information
     Hopefully everyone is now thinking about the clothing that they will need for the trek. Last month I described the clothing that you will need. I also talked a bit about footwear and there were a couple of concerns about that. It was not recommended to wear hiking boots, but if you are a hiker and have comfortable hiking boots that you want to wear you are very welcome to do that.
     The guidelines that we are following are from the website In here it says that "running shoes are the best bet for trekkers because they are specifically designed for cushioning, motion control & support. Whatever you choose to wear on your feet make sure it is comfortable, sturdy & broken in.
     At the February Super Saturday I will be giving each unit a copy of a pattern & instructions for a skirt & bonnet.
What Not To Wear :)
- Blue jeans
- Baseball Caps
- Tank Tops
- Tight/Short Dresses
- Skirts
- Brand New Shoes
Bro. Haas Stake YM President
Sis. Palk Stake Young Women President 2

This Month's Fitness Challenge:
     Don't let winter keep you down! There are plenty of fun ways to get warmed up on these cold, snowy days. Your challenge this month is to spend at least one hour outside doing something that gets you moving each day until the end of February. Go for a walk, go skating, skiing, snowboarding, or sledding, make snow angels, make a snow man, shovel the driveway, have a snowball fight...just get moving...Let us know on the Facebook Group what you come up with. Good Luck!
Fun Pioneer Games:

Try this one out at home or at mutual.

Button String:
    Get a long string with a button threaded onto it. Players sit in a circle with a leader in the center. Each player holds onto the string. The button is moved from player to player while all players pretend they are moving the button from fist to fist. The leader must guess where the button stops when the leader calls out “Stop!”
The Trail of Faith Award:
     In an effort to help our youth become physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for the upcoming handcart trek, the Stake Young Men's and Stake Young Women's Presidencies have been working together to make an achievement program known as the Trail of Faith. With this newsletter comes a copy of the Trail of Faith Award. Please take time to read over the letter which explains the program. Then review the program with your youth/children, and help them get started. This program does not compete with the Duty to God and Personal Progress programs. When you look at the goals and objectives of the Trail of Faith Award, you will see many can be used in conjunction with these two other essential programs.
Pioneer Stories:
     An important way to help the youth prepare for the trek is to help them understand the experiences of real pioneers. As you share this account with them, ask them: What would you bring?
     "At the campground we encountered our first trials, in that we had to give up books. . . . We were only allowed to take fifteen pounds in weight for each person who was to travel with the handcarts, and that included our tinware for eating, bedding, and any clothing we did not wish to carry ourselves. . . .
     Our train consisted of between thirty and forty handcarts. Each of these had an average of five persons. . . . It was usually necessary for small children to ride in the handcart which the father, mother, and older brothers and sisters of the family pulled. . . .
     The sick and the blind women [in the group] were allowed to ride in one of our freight wagons, for we had three wagons drawn by mules, which carried our tents" ("By Handcart to Utah: The Account of C.C.A. Christensen," Richard L. Jensen, trans., Nebraska History, winter 1985, 337–339).

Important Information:
Dates: July 27th – 30th Ages: 14 + Location: Lincoln, Maine

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to Use the Guestbook

I found it hard to figure out how to set up and use at first but I figured it out:
all you have to do is click 'Leave Response' under neath the title then fill in the required information
**You can ignore the fact that I have the Guest Book in 3 different spots :) because its a glitch thing and it won't let me remove the one on the right and the one on the bottom :( **

Where to Get your Pioneer Clothes

A Young Women Leader in my ward suggested going to Frenchy's to get your Pioneer Clothing
There is a website that my Young Women leader also found that has cheap Pioneer Clothing and she told our ward that if we wanted to order off of the site to order it through her because the website only takes orders of $100 or more i think. I will find out the site name and post it in the 'Link List' on the right of the Website
also you can
Make your own clothing for the Young Women. I have the pattern on a PDF file of the bonnet and the skirt and if you are interested in seeing the pattern email me at: and I will email you the attachment.
- Chaya Pattison

Trek Newsletter Volume #1 January 2011

Newsletter’s Purpose:
     The Purpose of this newsletter is to let all parents, leaders and youth know everything they need to know to get prepared for the upcoming handcart trek in July. Please read all of the sections below and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.
     The Stake Young Men & Women Presidencies
Message from the Stake President:
     In the very northerly reaches of the ‘North America North East Area’ of the Church, we on occasion wish our youth could partake of some activities we have only read about. In some ways we changed that when we began bringing the ‘Especially for Youth’ programs to this area. A year ago we received a call from the Bangor Stake inviting us to participate in a ‘Youth Hand Cart Trek’ in the summer of 2011. This was one of those activities we wished our youth could do but never had the scale to bring to our area. There is something about our past as a people that shapes who we are and who we may become. Understanding what and why would cause thousands of people from all nations and walks of life to sacrifice all for this faith in God and His prophet is the moving cause for this trek. Joseph Smith quoted it as such; “Let us here observe, that a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation”. Your youth look to you for your example and encouragement to help them discover for themselves what sacred gift moves the children of Israel in so great a cause. We solemnly request that you help them discover the blessings of faith and testimony in the 2011 Hand Cart Trek.
- President Pattison
Clothing Requirements:
     Over the next few months we will be preparing for our pioneer trek. A very important part of this is the clothing & footwear that will be necessary for you to have. The clothing can be purchased (second hand shops), borrowed or made. The earlier you start thinking about this & gathering things the easier it will be. The most important part of your clothing will be the footwear. This should be sturdy running shoes (good comfortable sneakers).Hiking boots are not recommended, as they are not flexible & can be quite heavy.
Men’s Clothing:
     Two shirts, loose fitting, narrow neck band ,no collar, mostly light plain colors, stripes or plaids are ok too. Choose a larger size than your regular fit, with long sleeves.
     Two pair of pants also loose fitting. Probably cotton would be the best. Can be blue, black, gray, brown, but beige or tan would be best. One pair suspenders. One hat straw or felt wide brimmed. NO BALL CAPS.
Women's Clothing
     2 long dresses, Or 2 skirts &2 long sleeved blouses. The length of the skirts or dresses should be above the ankle maybe to mid calf so you don't trip when pulling the cart. You will also need an apron & bonnet (these will most likely be made at your ward or branch level.)
     Dressing in the pioneer clothing will have a tremendous effect on the spirit of the trek, so let’s do our best to get the costumes & play our part so we can make this our best experience ever.
Tips to get you ready:
 - Remember, the trek experience is an authentic one. You will not have canned pop on the trek. If canned or bottled pop is a habit for you, we encourage you to "dry up" for at least a week before the trek.
 - Did You Know that your feet can swell a whole shoe size as you walk the trek? That is why it is so important to wear only comfy trekking shoes.
 - Start preparing for the trek NOW by taking daily walks. Start by walking 15 minutes 3 times a week. After a month, increase your walks to 30 minutes 3 times per week.
Fun Pioneer Games:
Try this one out at home or at mutual.

Fruit Pass
     Equipment needed: 1 orange or apple for each team, teams of equal numbers.
     The first person holds the fruit with their chin and passes it to the next person who must “gather” it with their chin. First team finished passing to every member is the winner.
The Trail of Faith Award:
     In an effort to help our youth become physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for the upcoming handcart trek, the Stake Young Men's and Stake Young Women's Presidencies have been working together to make an achievement program known as the Trail of Faith. By meeting a number of requirements, each member who completes the program will receive the Trail of Faith Award. We hope that by participating in this program, the handcart trek will become more than just a long, difficult hike. Those who earn their Trail of Faith award will have come to know intimately the struggles and faith of those pioneers whose footsteps they will be recreating. They will gain a greater understanding of the importance of family history and temple work as they come to know those who have come before them. They will know the blessings that come with proper nutrition and exercise. Their testimony will be strengthened as they come to know their Savior, Jesus Christ.
     While earning the Trail of Faith Award is not required to participate in the handcart trek, we encourage all members of the stake, especially the youth and their adult leaders, to work for this award. A number of the goals for the Trail of Faith Award will also satisfy Duty to God and Personal Progress requirements. We promise that all who complete the Trail of Faith program, regardless of whether they are able to attend the handcart trek, will be edified and uplifted by the experience. More information about this exciting opportunity will be made available shortly through Young Men's and Young Women's leaders.
Pioneer Stories:
      An important way to help the youth prepare for the trek is to help them understand the experiences of real pioneers. Below is the story of Tamar Loader from the Martin Handcart Company.
     The story is told that Tamar Loader was very much grieved when she left England because she had been unable to convert her sweetheart and he remained in England. One night, while on the plains, after much grieving, she had a dream. The next morning she told her mother that she had dreamed that her sweetheart came and stood beside her and he seemed so real. But he was not alone, another man was with him who was wearing a slouch hat and walked with a limp. In the dream the sweetheart finally faded away but the other man remained. When she first saw Thomas E Ricks in the rescue party, she took her mother by the arm and said, “Mother, that’s the man” When they arrived in the valley she was put out in the home of Thomas E Ricks. He tried to marry her off to eligible young men in the community, but without success. There was no doubt in Tamar’s mind who she should marry. The next spring Thomas E Ricks asked for her hand in marriage.
Important Information:
Dates: July 27th – 30th
Ages: 14 +
Location: Lincoln, Maine

How to Prepare for the Pioneer Trek: Preparing Physically!!

- Daily Walking - start at least 4 weeks before the trek!
- If you are planning on wearing unfamiliar footwear try them out on walks at home, you may need to add arch supports, gel-pads, or other modern medical aids to complete your trek experience in good health and comfort. It's better to find out before you leave than when you get there!!!!!
- Drink More Water- at least 2 weeks before
*Dehydration- is a main cause of discomfort and illness when engaged in living history activities. Pre-hydration is vital, as is drinking steady, small amounts of clear liquid at the event. Tepid (not hot, & not cold) water is better than ice-cold water or boiling hot liquids
- What to Wear- wear 100% natural fibers (wool or cotton, micro-fleece, and lycra) can cause problems with over-heating on warm days. Natural fibers are safer around fires and candles. Remember, light layers of wool will insulate better than one thick layer of anything else!!
- Wagons & Carts- be careful around wagons & carts -- never try to climb in or out of a moving conveyance. Don't fool around with, or play pranks with, carts, wagons, or livestock.
- Learn to Recognize the Signs of Dehydration, and heat, and cold emergencies in yourself, and in others- keep an eye on your friends and companies -- if someone stops sweating on a hot day, seek emergency medical aid immediately; if someone has an altered state of mind on a cold day, seek help for hypothermia. If you feel dizzy or disoriented, tell someone immediately!
- Don't Forget to Bring Any Needed Medications!!- if you have severe health problems, talk about the trek with your doctor first, and get his advice. Normal medical conditions can become severe emergencies if poorly managed "in the field." Asthmatics should always have a rescue inhaler in a handy pocket; those allergic to bees should keep an epi-pen handy, etc. Be sure your leaders know of your medical needs before the trek.
- Prepare for the Weather- you may experience extremes of heat, and cold, wet and dry, all in one day. Dressing in historically-accurate layers and textiles is a good plan. If you will be camping, bring something to wear on your head at night.
- Warm up from the Inside- If you get chilly at night, warm up on the inside: do some jumping jacks or vigorous dancing for 10 minutes, until you have a nice glow worked up. Then briskly towel off any sweat, change to clean, dry socks (and into clean, dry clothing if possible), put something over your head, and snuggle down to sleep. Going to sleep in socks you wore all day, or with a bare head, is a sure recipe for getting chilled!
- Sun Screen/Sun Block- bring modern sunblock (unscented), and take the time for a quick water wipe-down and reapplication every 3 hours. Use sunblock on your face, neck and ears,upper chest, hands and fore-arms; everything else should be covered with light cloth layers.